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Feb 15, 2021 1:56 PM
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After much deliberation we approved our 2020-2021 season refund schedule that is fair to both WMHA families and sponsors.  Our goal for this schedule was to break even on the costs we incurred without touching our sponsors dollars that were graciously donated.  We will hold on to those for next season as they gained little to no value for their money this season.  The result of these decisions created the following payout schedule:



The schedule represents an 80% payback on registration costs for U9 up to U18.  We kept $25 back for U7 and the Female players will receive a full refund as they never got going.  The following bullets explain the schedule and our reasoning:

  • The Total Skates column on the schedule is an average for each age group and the biggest variance per any group was two ice times.   
  • The average times on ice per team was 15 and this included conditioning, evaluations and development skates to start the season.  U7 would be the exception to this rule.
  • U7-U15 skates were shared ice while the U15AA and U18 skates were full ice and that’s why the variance in cost per skate.
  • Our heavy ice usage months are October through February with minimal use in September and March.  The ice we used in October represents 20% of our busy ice months meaning we missed 80% of our ice time for the season


Refund money will be directed to each team manager and they will be in charge of disbursing these funds to the team.  The funds will be released to team managers once all jerseys, puck bags, med kits etc are returned to WMHA.  This will be happening on February 24th so funds will hit your account shortly after that.


Thanks for your understanding in these trying times.  We look forward to starting another season this Fall.



Some associations offered their members a 100% refund, why can’t Winkler do the same?

We don’t know all the details of other associations refunds but we do know there is a variance in how funds are raised, namely the Co-op Fundraiser.  When you player sells Co-op gift cards, 10% of the sales goes directly to your player.  In other associations 10% of sales goes directly to their association to help offset operating costs.  Had Winkler Minor Hockey kept the 10% or $25,100 of fundraised money we would be in a position to provide a 100% return as well.  With that said, as long as your player sold $900 of gift cards you should be a head.


I paid more for registration why?

When you registered your child for hockey there were three components to the cost.  Each family is subject to a $10 AGM fee which is typically refunded if you show up the AGM.  Given the state of this season WMHA has used these funds to pay back your refund.  The second cost is a raffle ticket book valued at $100.  These tickets are for you to sell and recoup the money or write your name on the ticket and try to win the prize.  This raffle is still taking place and we will send our more details about where and when to drop your tickets off.  The third component is your actual registration cost.  So when we say you are getting 80% of your registration cost refunded, it pertains only to the actual registration cost, not he AGM fee or Raffle Ticket book.


Aside from ice time what costs does WMHA have to cover?

While ice time is our biggest variable cost we have fixed costs we have to pay once we step foot on the ice.  Hockey MB charges fees for each team we register and fees/insurance for each player and coach we register.  Player/Coach fees are roughly $30 and insurance costs are $22.  Our total bill to Hockey MB for the season was just over $18,000.  We hold a contents insurance policy for all minor hockey equipment/jerseys and the booth which costs us $1,200 per year.  Those are the larger fixed fees we pay on an annual basis regardless of how the season looks.  We do have several variable costs that were reduced because of the season we had.


Raffle Ticket Books 

Completed Raffle Ticket Books can be dropped off at the Kroeker Farms Potato store during business hours.  A huge thank you to them for offering us the use of their store for these drop offs.

They can also be mailed in to:

Winkler Minor Hockey

Box 1821

Winkler MB  R6W 4B1


Information regarding the draw and AGM will follow when details are finalized.


Thank you all for your patience as we navigate these interesting times.


WMHA Exec   

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